FEB. 7th & 8th, 2015 

updated: 02/05/2014

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RJS Racing Equipment,
Mickey Thompson Tires
Moroso PerformanceTRZ Motorsports, Induction Solutions
JW Transmission, Chiseled PerformancePowersource Motorsports
Holeshot Performance WheelsHorsepower SalesDavis Traction Controls
Chassis Engineering, Right TrailersPROLITE Batteries, Coast Chassis Design
Murrays Speed & CustomStupid Fast Racing, VP Racing Fuels, Steward Performance
MPR Racing EnginesATF-Automatic Transmission FactoryPlattinum Products, Daytona Sensors
ARC Heat, Revenge Power Machine Shop,
Fast Forward Race Engines, Pep Boys Speed Shops
Race WorksStraight Line Media, Track Shots Photos, SHURV Media, Free Life Films

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Lodging near Orlando Speed World
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!!!! JUST ADDED !!!!


This class is for Blown Alcohol and Nitro.
Screw Blowers Prohibited
Anything goes !!!

Funnycars, Altereds, Dragsters & Door Cars
Current NHRA or IHRA license required
All Track (NHRA or IHRA) Safety Rules Apply
If your racecar doesn't fit (is too fast for) our Pro-Mod class
 Bring it anyway!!! Test with us for the price of admission.

Plus: OPEN COMP CLASS has been added!

The SHRA is getting ready to host the 1st annual Southern Thunder
at Orlando Speed World on Feb. 7th & 8th, 2015.

Spectator Pricing
Friday - $12 /  Saturday - $20 /  Sunday - $20
All 3 Days - $45    /   Sat. & Sun. - $35
KIDS 12 & Under - Free

*Racer Pricing*
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 *Feb. 6th, Friday
Gates Open: 9am-5pm
This is a track rental at $200 per car
Racer/Sponsor Set-Up
5pm > on = Test-n-Tune
Track Entry - $12.00
Test & Tune Ticket - $10.00


 *Feb. 7th, Saturday
Gates Open: 8am
Manufactures Midway Set-up
Test & Tune + All Qualifying


 *Feb. 8th, Sunday
Gates Open at 8am
SHRA/RJS Southern Thunder 1
Eliminations start at 10am

SHRA/RJS Southern Thunder 1 Classes:
11.00, 10.00, 8.50 index,
Outlaw 632, Ultra Street, Open Comp

275 vs. 28x10, Pro-Modified
Insane Outlaw (testing)

Go to the SHRA Rules Page for all the above classes

Over 300+ of the best racers and thousands of fans will be attending!
Don't Miss Out on the Fun, Be at Orlando Speed World on Feb. 7th, 2015.

Racers Tech Cards & Payouts

~About the SHRA~

Founded by Steven Coccaro, Mike Fabian & Spyros Legakis in 2009,
The Southern Hot Rod Association is a non-profit organization consisting of
racers showing other racers how to be involved with pre-event details.
The racers are now the voice of helping get the rules, payouts, sponsors and
marketing together for the upcoming events at a grass roots level.

We, at the SHRA, have noticed through small venue testing,
that this keeps the racers on the same page as the organization.
It also helps us get a straight forward marketing menu together
so we can get an event set-up & run with less cost to the SHRA & its sponsors.

The SHRA is working with many race facilities to help attract spectators with the new
way of the racers marketing the race to family and friends with more interest in helping the
organization and themselves, which in turn will help the tracks and sponsors.

What the SHRA is going to do with the revenue from each event, is to put the
funds toward the next race. This will ease the financial burden on our sponsors
and will allow the SHRA to have lower entry fees for the races and spectators.
This will help insure the longevity of the SHRA and its sponsors in presenting
events at more and more locations by having the sponsorship dollars go further.

All sponsors for the SHRA race series will be listed for the series year
no matter if they sponsor one or more races.
All sponsors funds go directly to race payouts and event advertising.

Everyone in the SHRA would like to thank you for helping us do what we love, RACE.

Southern Hot Rod Association